Why writing is important to your business success, and how Damn Fine Words could be the game-changer you need.


A man came to the gate and asked for food. I gave him food.
A man then came through a window and demanded all my money. I gave him all my money and I was able to forgive him.
But today, a monster comes day or night. He still demands money, but he wants something I cannot give. He wants to hurt those I love.
I can’t let it inflict pain on those I love. I cannot forgive a monster.
“I” can no longer govern my decisions.
“I” is no longer relevant.
“I” has a family.
And “We” need a change.

I’m a realist and I know that change isn’t easy.
I also know that change doesn’t sit well with others.
But this isn’t about others.
This is about 2 little boys who may or may not understand the gravity of this when they are older.

Their future is my decision.

Much like Survival drives a soldier in the heat of battle to do unimaginable things, bravery itself only follows later

I am not a soldier. And I am not brave.

But, I am a father who is planning to uproot my family, expose everything I have built over my lifetime to the elements.

As clear as daylight: How does one start again?
And if I must, could we start again together – old friend?
I haven’t felt your rhythm, but I have missed your beat.

Yes, I know I’ve been hammering away at the keyboard for years.
But lets be honest, telling a machine what to do and when to do it…isn’t what I would call “Writing”
Machines feel nothing, they want structured instructions to perform a set of given tasks.

Function (do this){
actions go here

Punching these keys leave me empty. Void. Emotionless.
They do put food on the table, something you never had the chance to do.
But I do know that as my fingers punch these keys, it just feels right…albeit you are still foreign to me.

A new start demands I investigate all opportunities, all career choices.

For my families sake I will do anything even if I must lock you way again and punch code day in, and day out.

But lets walk this road you and me. Lets see what it could possible bring.



That is my highest strength that I wrote down when I did a SWOT analysis. I applied this, because I have studied risk management.
It was just one subject in a very long list of subjects needed when embarking in a career as a chartered accountant.
3 years I spent on that list, for a degree that sadly I never achieved.
I had to push the pause button, and when I tried to push play a few years later. I was told that I couldn’t be credited for anything I had previously studied via UNISA.
It seems that the good old folks overseas don’t hold UNISA in the highest of regards.

South Africa, the country itself is about to be placed as JUNK status. And our Rand is now worthless against the dollar… this course is totally out of my reach.

So I hit restart, this time with CIMA. And have been scraping by exam after exam for the past 2 years.

I’ve always studied, I am considered to be a superb juggler.
Not plates, or balls as you might think…. But books and courses. I like to have at least 3 in the air.
I also juggle work, and a family too. But I like to keep my family in my right hand and close to my heart, whilst I juggle life and everything else with my left. A skill I guess learned when my son became chronically ill. He almost ended up an only child, but after 2 years, his health improved so much so, we started to see a possibility, and that possibility is now 5 month old.

The best gift for your child. The gift of your attention. The best lesson. The ability for him to share your attention with his siblings. – Jonathan

Adaptability has made me a jack of all trades, and a master of one: I can juggle life with one hand.

Why throw another course into the mix. Why choose writing?
Simple answer really : “Options”

I care greatly for my family, and have started to consider going abroad, I need something that I can do part time from the kitchen table to extend the wallet till the end of the month.

I also used to write pretty back in the day 😉

But that was long… long ago.

Today I still punch keys, but I don’t write for eyeballs, I get to tell machines to perform tasks and execute large amounts of code.
Thousands upon thousands of lines of code that makes up the websites we see, the software we use, and even the games we play.

I speak geek. I speak numbers. I speak words. I speak life.

Not much I can’t do, but everything I can do never came easily – I am big on practice.
I hope Damn Fine Words allows me the opportunity to get some practice over the next few months….

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My website jonathandutoit.com is still underconstruction 😦

Why writing is important to your business success, and how Damn Fine Words could be the game-changer you need.