Damn Fine Words Entry [Resubmitted]

I don’t want to have to tell my boys that they can’t do this, or have that because of the colour of their skin. I don’t want them to experience the hollowness that comes from not being hired, or being fired because the company wants to increase its BEE Compliance level.
Or having to take their livelihood into their own hands and building a business out of nothing, only to be told – now, that they have to give 51% to a black partner – give – not sell.

Apartheid was wrong on so many level, the majority of the current generation, myself included were only children during those awful years. But the roles have now shifted.

We are living in a state of decay, a country on a downward spiral that has lost its moral compass. (Not that we ever had one), but we had hope.

Hope today has been replaced by something else. Something dark, something vile. Something rotten to the core.

You can’t make the stuff up that happens daily, hourly, or even by the minute.

And I am afraid!

My previous entry hinted at why I wished to return back to writing.

As a man I can endure so many things. A man, yes. But not as a father, a husband… I have to do what is in my family’s best interest. And I have decided I cannot raise a loving family in a country that knows only how to hate. Therefore, I must flee.

“That is all I have to say about that” – Forest Gump

Considering this is a resubmit to the damn fine words competition. [Alas, my previous entry didn’t possess the sparkle needed – lol, and I am not very open and giving into the juicy details]

But that is the way it is…oh, I have a confession to make. Let’s handle that off the bat.

There is no way I can afford your course. Seriously! I have tried to put together the money, even tried to put together half the money in case I got second place (Wishful thinking). But I cannot afford it. The exchange rate completely nulls that ambition.

I painted a bleak picture in my previous entry. Heck, from my intro here too, things have not got better and I am not going to go into details, and I don’t want my current situation to be a determining factor.

I am a realist. No excuses. Just an honest slap in the face facts.

I cannot afford this course any which way it is spun. That said. Thank you for yet another opportunity to enter again.


Can’t believe five months have passed since my previous entry.

So let me bring you up to speed.

Last email you wrote informing me that another candidate had been chosen, I informed you that I had enrolled and was now pursuing my diploma in copywriting.

I believe that it is always a good idea to take immediate action when presented a fork, else you stand the risk of losing momentum, and any momentum surfer will tell you – it is the driving force to anything / everything.

Besides, I had made my decision to get back into writing, and I don’t every back down from a decision.

And it’s all about the third shift.

I read a piece many years ago: The gist was something to do with working the railway lines, and 3 shifts. The outcome of the piece was that we need to work [Shift 1], we need to sleep [Shift 2], and it is what we do in the third shift that determines our future.

So I picked up my diploma course, and tossed it into the mix. Juggling the new plate with my left, whilst holding my family close in my right.

I would like to report that having worked extremely hard, I have received a multitude of A’s, two B’s, and a C.

I received a lot of fails – but the majority of my marks (the A’s) were achieved on resubmits. I kept at it till I had mastered what was needed to get an A. I also kept at it, till I felt that what I had submitted was my best effort [that would be the B, and C grades – we can’t all excel in all types of copy – I know my limitations]


Hard work has paid off, and I feel like I have learnt a great deal. But it isn’t enough. I can clearly see the lack; that only damn fine words can fill.

Sure, stringing words together can be taught, but what damn fine words is offering is the stringing together of the business of… successful writing. And that cannot be found or learned in diploma course.

This competition: Win or lose, I have made my decision, and I’ll keep taking massive action upon it.

So to answer your question:

how the Damn Fine Words course could change your life, and what you would do with the writing skills you learn.

It will change my family’s life. It will allow me to work part-time (Third Shift), to close the financial gap of moving to a new country.

It will allow me to be present whilst earning a 2nd income – where, I don’t have to sacrifice that priceless quality time spent together, and then when the family are asleep, I can write from the dining room table.

I will be home, I will be present, and able to watch them sleeping whilst I wait for the kettle to boil.

And I can think to myself… it is all worth it – everything life throws at us – “They make it worth it”




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Damn Fine Words Entry [Resubmitted]

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