The Damn Fine Words Writing Contest [A new beginning]

Firstly, I missed the last entry to this competition.
I was following through on what I have said in previous entries [a] [b].

As a family we had to make some hard decisions – and as a parent, a husband, I needed to do what I knew was in the best interest of my family.

And we did it.

We uprooted our little family, put ourselves on a plane and moved ourselves to Australia.

Amazing how people think luck had everything to do with it. Luck was present, and yes we are very lucky, and very blessed – but we also dedicated 2 hours every night to this for months that eventually stretched into over a year.

But… we followed through, and we left everything we know, our way of life has taken the biggest knock – lol.

I have to admit that living the last couple months out of suitcases, and out of B&B’s has been interesting – the whole transition still not complete. (Fingers crossed our container will be released next week and we can move into our little apartment – all we can afford at this juncture)

This entire process – this life changing event has been the biggest “thing” I/we as a family have ever done, it has been the scariest. And yes, the hardest for so many reasons. But…

This is the most excited I have ever been.

How do you explain a sunset, and living in the dark to someone who has only ever seen a sunrise, and has lived in the light???

This move has been a night turned to day experience – it has been absolutely amazing – as a really simple example – the joy I have to take my kids to anyone of the multiple public parks available. To let them run free, and do so without the normal deep down worry. To let them be kids.

We are going to be very happy here in Australia – what an amazing country, and amazing people.

Look, I’m a realist. And I can tell you it is going to take 3 years for us to settle, but it is all going to be worth it. My kids, my wife… they are worth it 🙂

Which brings me to damn fine words contest.

I literally have kids hanging off my leg. They are on waiting lists for creche etc, so we are stuck with each other for awhile yet.
I have previously expressed my desire to use writing to subsidize our family income. Currently my wife landed a job (she is amazing), and I am living the home dad life 🙂 – I will admit, it isn’t easy, and new found respect to house wives / home dad’s.
I want to start running my little freelance writer business whilst the kids are asleep – so will be working till midnight. But this should give me 4 dedicated hours.

James! I need your course, I need your expertise, I need your experience to pull this off.

I need to start, and build a business and market myself, and be treated like a professional that attracts professional rates.
I need to reshape my confidence, fast track the learning process to being a better writer, and show that to prospective clients.
Your course comes packed with everything I need to fast track myself, my business, and my profits.

I have just done a monumental task, something that the majority of people can never truly understand. And we as a family have done the impossible to have a chance at a different life for our kids.

We have so much to celebrate, we have so much to be grateful for, we have so many people to whom we are forever indebted too.

Help my family please. Help me be the best that I can be, so that I can give them the best going forward. Teach me the how, but also help me find the who, and redirect my what, so that I can arrive at the when and be where I need to be quicker, by being smarter.

Thank you so much for your consideration again 🙂



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The Damn Fine Words Writing Contest [A new beginning]

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